billboard creator for Art*lantis R 



Here is a shortcut of the functions of the program:

Beside the fact that you don't need an xml editor because it generates all the files by itself, and thus makes it much quicker to do your own BB, there are a lot of advantages and functions.
In the beginning it was supposed to just automate the final task of creating the 3 files, but the meaning is now to be able to make the all process of BB creation inside this application.
(from a digital photo directly to a BBoard)

There are 3 modules, the first one being the most important one, and the others more optionnal:
the BB editor,the Picture editor, and the Mask editor.

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Tutorial Note: shows version 1
  • The BB editor :
    the first goal when creating the program was to make it just a click to generate the billboard files from a picture after having painted a white background in PS. You can visually set the size of the BB, select which part of the picture will be the BB(crop), select the color of transparency,define a preview, and save the BB. You can also define a level of transparency, which is achieved by a more or less dense net of transparent points.
    Then you can reopen it and get back all the parameters and change them again.
    You can also open a BB made by someone else and change it.( but it will not erase the old PRW file, it will generate a new one. The Preview file generated is with extension .prw.tga and works just as well as .prw files.)



  • The Mask editor :
    It lets you define or change the zones of transparency like if you worked on another layer than the picture, and once it is right, you can apply it on the picture.
    There are some usefull tools like lasso and magnetic lasso, and brush that will make a more or less densified cloud of transparency color: you can create zones of relative transparency.
    (good for plants for example)
    When you open a BB or a picture already masked and want to change it, click on the “pipette” tool and the color which is transparent and then “ recover” to get back the already made mask. (just “recover” if the color is white as in general).




  • The Picture editor:
    It doesn’t have the power of Pshop but might be usefull when you have to make some changes on the picture and want them quick. All the basic functions needed like brush, paint bucket, and adjusting contrast,hue,etc..are present.