billboard creator for Art*lantis R 


How it Works

Here is the process step by step to make a BB in BBbuilder:
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Tutorial Note: shows version 1

In the main window you set all the parameters for the BB:

"BB editor"

  • Open an image.
  • Click on "Resize" or "Crop" if you need to make the picture smaller or select a part of it.
  • Follow the 4 radiobuttons("selection","size","preview","color of mask") from left to right.
  • Select if you want it to be a pictogramm or multifacette.
  • Adjust its transparency.
  • When the 4 steps are done you can click "save" to generate the BB.


    • Note : All this steps are filled by default when you open the picture so it is not always necessary to go through all these steps.



If you don't have a mask(a uniform color to make the transparency), click on

"Mask editor"

  • Over your picture is the mask, which appears transparent.
  • You have to cut in it to let appear what you want of your picture
  • The tools are usual tools although they don't draw: they cut or uncut the mask
  • To switch between cut/Uncut click on the "mask<>Unmask"button
  • If you already have a color zone that will be transparent click on this color with the "Pipette" tool, then "Recover".(the color is white by default, so if you open a previously made BB just click on "Recover")
  • The "lassos" can be combined with the "magnetic" tool to find color edges
  • The "paintbucket" tool will Mask/Unmask all the pixel around the same color of the pixel you click on the first cursor on the left lets you choose between different brush sizes
  • The transparent cursor lets you define if you want to mask/Unmask with a certain transparency.It works with all brushes
  • The third cursor is to define the precision of the "Paintbucket" tool
  • To see the final image without a transparent mask click on "Show mask"
  • When the mask is good, click on "Apply", then "Quit" to return to the BB editor with the new picture.


If you need to change something on your picture, click on

"Picture editor"

  • Here you have the usual tools to draw on the picture
  • Double click on the color square, or Alt-click somewhere on the picture, to change the color you want to apply
  • When you are done click on "Apply" then "Quit Edition" to go back to the BB editor