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The new version of our favorite render Art*lantis R has now come out, with its amazing features in terms of quality, speed and architecture. Bravo Abvent !

In the same time comes out a new version of the popular application for making Billboards and Cutouts, and it comes too with big improvements and new possibilities!

BBBuilder helps you create and manage your Billboards !

Plants, cars, people, everything that you have a picture of can be transformed into an Art*lantis Billboard directly from inside BBBuilder 2, featuring 3 editors:

-BB editor to adjust everything concerning the BB, size, preview, even its transparency.

-Picture editor to make the changes you need on the picture, including usual drawing tools and adjustments tools(contrast,brightness,...)

-Mask editor to define the transparency zone with all usual tools, including magnetic lasso.

BBbuilder generates also Cutouts with Alpha channel, to be used in all popular applications 2D and 3D: Sketch Up, Cinema 4D, Archicad, Adobe Photoshop,...

By this way you can also transform quickly your Textures and Artlantis BB into transparent Cutouts by putting a mask (alpha channel) over selected colors.

You can also convert all your BB into .tif files with alpha channel, the transparency is being transformed automatically into an Alpha channel at the opening.





BBbuilder 2.0.5

BBbuilder 2.0.6



date :07 08 2005

date: 22 09 2005


You don't need any other image editor, and the new tools provided are

especially dedicated for the work on BBoards which is not the case in other

applications concerning transparency. BBbuilder 2 features amongst other special

functions : global transparency, transparent brush and aero, magnetic lasso,

picture editing and adjusting, and there are also improvements in rapidity, stability

and appearance.



This version works the same way on Windows and Mac platforms. Creates BBoards for Art*lantis R and 4.5


Windows: BBbuilderSetup.exe, installer, follow the instructions

Mac OS: Sit file, no installer, just put the BBbuilder.exe where you like



BBBuilder is shareware, which means that you can try it before you buy it .

It runs by default in demo mode for 7 days and works for creating 7 billboards.

You can buy it immediately and safely through Kagi just by clicking here, or inside

the application select"options /buy it".

You will receive instantly a serial number by email.






18.07.2005: Save BB in tif format , Possibility to open an empty image (Menu File/New)

13.07.2005: Bug on the preview file corrected

12.07.2005: Bug on the memorization of mask corrected



22.09.2005: Menu in edition, Posssibility to CANCEL one operation, quit better

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