Mirza Link Manager

Import once, update any time

    Mirza is probably the best file importer for 3dsMax in the world, saving us hundreds of work hours every year.
    Tudor Vasiliu, Panoptikon
    We have been using the MLM for quite a few years now and it's a crucial plugin for us, helping us on a daily basis.
    Tomasz Michalski, Vivid-vision

Streamline your workflow from major BIM packages to 3dsMax by keeping a dynamic link:
  • Never repeat the work done in 3ds max after import
  • Visualize your design at any point
  • Optimized for Revit & Archicad

At first import the model will be cleaned and recombined into one mesh per material.
Upon next import (update) all materials, modifiers and changes on properties that you applied in 3dsMax are retained and reported on the newly imported meshes.
Even selection groups and referencing in other plugins will be retained (Forest Pack, RailClone, VrayScatter, Corona Scatter, FstormScatter )

This is a fully working version with a trial period of 7 days.
License for version 3 is included in subscriptions.

What's new in version 3:

  • Automatic check for update
  • Update multiple links at once
  • 3rd party plugins integration: Forest Pack & Rail Clone, Vray, FStorm, Corona - inclusive distance map
  • Manage references: Use other links as references, even from external 3dsMax scenes, set up templates
  • Enhanced manipulation of links
  • Enhanced graphical interface
  • Enhanced Revit import
  • Faster import in general
  • Better property and layer management
  • Built-in material converter for Autodesk materials


Drag'n drop the .mzp file onto the 3dsMax viewport.
Access it through the menu Tools/Mirza Tools, or make a button in a toolbar.


  1. Export from your BIM/CAD package
  2. Link into 3dsMax: launch Mirza Link Manager, choose "Create", press "Import", browse to the file to be linked. (menu Tools/Mirza Tools)
  3. Work: Apply materials, add modifiers, group ...
  4. Update! Next time you want to render an updated BIM model just update the link

Always have an up-to-date 3dsMax scene available to visualize the evolution of your BIM model.


    - It can be a good practice to divide your project into a few links: one for the building, one for the furnitures, and another one for the landscape. In that case prepare preset views in your BIM package for these different exports.

    - If using Revit use the Autodesk material converter program to be able to render with Vray or other renderers

    - Special characters in material names are not supported by some formats like obj, try avoiding them

    - In Revit avoid using generic materials.
    If you have to then check the box "Fix Autodesk Generic materials". Note that this process make the update slower for big files.
    (NB:The 3dsMax built-in link manager would just collapse all of them to one single mesh)

    - Duplicate links to keep track of different iterations of the project


2023.10.10 v2.59
2023.07.12 v2.57: Better Revit import
2023.05.16 v2.55: Diverse bugfixes
2023.04.02: v2.51: Update for 3dsMax 2024, link for Fstorm and Corona scatterers, improved ForestPack and RailClone link, Fix bug visibility and properties, Improved linking for Rhino.
2022.07.22 v2.50: Fixes compatibility with 3dsmax 2023
2022.01.08: v2.40: Revit import upgraded, Ability to fix Autodesk Generic materials, Automatic check for update, Minor changes to the UI
2021.06.14 Diverse updates to the UI
2019.11.14: Option to Link by layers to Rhino and Autocad (creates one mesh per layer)
2019.02.05 Diverse minor improvements
2018.10.07 Support for Autocad files, one click duplicate of Mirzalinks
2018.08.16 Support for Forest Pack, Forest Pack object's distribution surfaces are linked to the new corresponding meshes when updating a model.




To release a license rightclick under the Mirza logo. In the new window click "Unregister" The license is now released and available from another computer